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Старый 18.01.2008, 19:17
Dj Sandro
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По умолчанию Woody - August/Booty Bar

Woody - August/Booty Bar

Artist: Woody
Title: August/Booty Bar
Label: International DeeJay Gigolo Records
Catalog: GIGOLO 218
Style: Tech House, Electro, Techno
Released: 14 Jan 2008
Quality: 320 kbps

01. August (07:48)
02. Booty Bar (05:50)

Although Berlin based DJ WOODY has long been a member of the Gigolo crew,
having the honor to play at some legendary Gigolo nights, this is Woodys first solo release for Gigolo.
And what a fine entry onto the Gigolo-scene it is: sure to get people in the know talking... and dancing!
Woody is the original sonic funkateer whose life is completely focussed on music and his very own definition of FUNK.
He's a genuine kind of a guy, needing nothing more than two turntables, a mixer and an audience to know hes alive.
For him DJing and making music is not just a job, it's his destiny.
Just one listen to a track like August and you know how much painstaking attention to detail, and love, has been poured into the production of these tracks.
August is a cerebral sounding track that will lift you to another level. A version of August is featured on the double CD 10 years anniversary compilation Gigolos CD 10 (Gigolo210) selected by Gigolo boss HELL.
Booty Bar is another pumping and raunchy tune thats guaranteed to get that ass shakin'.
Its and slammin beats and funky, almost jazzy, synths licks plus the sexy vocal samples gives this number a succinctly Gigolo feel to it.
With songs like this, its no wonder that WOODY is one of the most respected German DJs on the international scene.



[url="http://www.speedyshare.com/123513327.html"]Booty Bar

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По умолчанию

thank you!!!1
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