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Старый 27.04.2008, 01:25
Dj Sandro
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По умолчанию Nick Holder - Time (Manuel Tur And Wahoo Remixes) [NRK135R]

Label : NRK Records
Catalog#: [NRK135R]
Date : 04-24-2008
Encoder : WEB
Tracks : 4
Time : 27:23 min
Size : 62.76 MB
Quality : 320kbps


1 Time (Wahoo Vocal Mix) 6:50
2 Time (Wahoo Dub Mix) 6:28
3 Time (Manuel Tur Dub Mix) 7:09
4 Time (Manuel Tur Vocal Mix) 6:56[/code]

Nick Holder’s ”Time” (Ft Sacha) on vocals gets the remix treatment by two of the best in the game at the moment. Georg von dem Bussche & Steffen (Dixon) Berkhahn, Aka Wahoo give two solid remixes both a vocal & a dub version. If that doesn’t tantalise your taste buds, up and coming producer Manuel Tur continues his fine run of form lately with yes you guessed it a vocal & a dub.

Wahoo’s vocal is for deep house heads who aren’t afraid to use vocals. It’s what you would expect from Dixon & co under there Wahoo guise. Tight underground beats with a solid vocal. The track as a whole just tilts it’s way on to the edge of a underground dance floor, but will quite easily find it’s way on to more of a big room floor, with no pressure at all. It’s the sort of track you could find Вme warming up with.

Manuel Tur’s vocal mix is much more of a heads down affair, & will suit more of a stripped back kind of floor. Think late night early morning & a different crowd completely. The use of the vocals is much more intense & quite dramatic & the production is spot on . It builds up from small hand claps & shuffled clicks to a all out dramatic where Manuel really uses the excellent vocals from Sacha to his advantage.

Back with Wahoo, this time there on the dub & it’s a dub which wouldn’t sound out of place if it had found it’s way on to one of the b side’s of Steffen Berkhans Innervision’s label. Quite minimal & very stripped back it’s all about the atmosphere it creates. This would make a really good dance floor tool.

Manuel Tur comes back with what might be the best remix on this release. This time the vocals are much more spaced out, but he still remains to give off a lovely warm energy around the track, as he builds it effortlessly. And then once again he goes all dramatic which comes to a climax very well

If you like vocals with your deep house, but more importantly if your not afraid to use them, i recommend you check this release out. Even if your not keen on vocals, i reckon you will still find something you like.

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