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Старый 14.05.2008, 00:43
Dj Sandro
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По умолчанию Superpitcher Vs. The Congosound - Say I’m Your Number One [KOM POP 012]

Superpitcher Vs. The Congosound - Say I’m Your Number One [KOM POP 012]

Label: Kompakt Pop
Catalog#: KOM POP 12
Format: Vinyl, 12?
Country: Germany
Released: Mar 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Tech House

A - Say I’m Your Number One (Superpitcher Remix)
Remix - Superpitcher
B - Say I’m Your Number One (Original Version)

The night is long in Spain,
particularly so in Barcelona where locals don’t head out until past 2am.
Early-evening DJs can consequently get away with playing the sort of slow,
sleazy Euro trash found here by Madrid’s own tech-poppers The Congosound.
‘Say I’m You’re Number One’ is their latest single and it’s found a fine home on Kompakt Pop,
likely a tip-off from resident deviant Justus Kohncke.

The original is a dirty disco trawler draped in cheap glitz and fake pearls,
worthy of Miami Vice, if set on the Costa Del Sol.
The vocals are doused in menacing vocoder and the pogo bass and woodblocks are classy,
but the confused breaks and arrangement are more Stock Aitken & Waterman than Schaben & Voss.
The cocaine-refrain ‘You’re Number One!’ adds welcome megalomania to the eighties charm,
and the track unravels in a boozy neon mess.

Superpitcher's version cuts through the soup,
concentrating on vital sounds in spacious surroundings – the drums are big and the bass rotund,
like the sleek thud of early classics ‘Heroin’ and ‘Tomorrow’.
The melodies may be twee three-note things punched out on a DX-7, but they work,
particularly beside the voices, which are tailor-made for Schafler’s bittersweet ends.
His version too eventually succumbs to disco meltdown –
the dumb riffs and arpeggios snowballing into a reverberant glitter-ball crescendo.
Schafler must sleepwalk through this stuff and, if not his finest moment, it still hits the spot.
Certainly better than the original, but that too has an odd, if meandering charm.

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