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Dj Sandro
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По умолчанию Will Saul - Simple Sounds, CD

Will Saul - Simple Sounds

Label: Simple Records
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: 24 Oct 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House

Simple and Aus label head Will Saul mixes the sound of his labels as well as highlights from his own discography on the double CD 'Simple Sounds'.

Will Saul set up Simple in 2003 and its offshoot Aus in 2006 as homes for deep and dubby house and techno. One of the first English stables to cotton onto the minimal house thing, Simple and Aus have released the likes of My My, Motorcitysoul and Phonique, but no, the label is not German! Saul is actually based in the English countryside and releases a fair whack of Brits, too, including Tam Cooper, Sideshow and Jimpster. Fittingly, Saul holds down residencies in both Berlin and London, spinning regular slots at both Weekend and The End.

Next up on Simple is 'Simple Sounds', a double CD on which Saul combines all three of his hats: A&R, producer and DJ. On disc one he mixes together tracks from his own discography, including retools by the likes of Gui Boratto, Wahoo and 2020 Soundsystem as well as four new Saul tracks exclusive to the album. Meanwhile, the second CD is a Simple and Aus label retrospective, including cuts from My My, Marc Romboy and Sideshow as well as remixes by Mathew Jonson, Spirit Catcher and John Tejada.

The new tracks and remixes from the CD will also be released across three vinyl EPs. Will Saul also hits the road for the Simple Sounds tour in September including dates in Brazil, Berlin and Moscow. Check RA Events for details.



1. Will Saul - 3000AD
2. Will Saul - Kitt
3. Will Saul - Hug The Scary (Partial Arts Remake)
4. Will Saul - Mbira (Wahoo Remix)
5. Will Saul - Sequential Circus (Sideshow Dub)
6. Will Saul - Cubrika
7. Will Saul - Out There...
8. Will Saul - Sequential Circus (Gui Borrato Remix)
9. Chicken Lips - Motion Sickness (Will Saul Remix)
10. Will Saul - Pause (2020Soundsystem Remix)


1. My My - Butterflies & Zebras
2. Lee Jones - There Comes A Time
3. Sideshow - Philly Soundworks
4. Sideshow - African Cheri
5. Phonique - What I Play (Spirit Catcher Remix)
6. Tam Cooper - Galactica (Jimpster Remix)
7. Precision Cuts - Polly 800 (Phonique Remix)
8. Sideshow - Scary Biscuits (John Tejada Remix)
9. Sideshow - The Slide (Mathew Jonson Remix)
10. Content - Itґs So...(Will Saul Remix)
11. King Roc - Welcome To Zion (Sebo K and Metro Remix)
12. Motorcitysoul - Kazan (Exit Cube)
13. Marc Romboy - Sunburst (Alexkid Remix)

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