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Старый 14.05.2008, 00:45
Dj Sandro
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По умолчанию Tigerskin - Peter's Secret Weapon [DIRT025]

Tigerskin - Peter's Secret Weapon [DIRT025]

album........ : Peter's Secret Weapon (DIRT025)
artist....... : Tigerskin
genre........ : Electronic
company/label.: Dirt Crew Recordings
quality...... : VBR kbps / 44,1Hz / Stereo
size......... : 31,1 MB
playtime..... : 22:20 min


01...Peter's Secret Weapon 07:56
02...Suzuki Rider 06:51
03...Wanted 07:33

Alex Krueger is ready for his next strike on Dirt Crew Recordings.
The follow up to his excellent „Push The Patton” single is an absolute minimal Killer,
3 quality tracks here and a different side of Tigerskin for each taste.
All tracks were produced with analogue equipment only which has become pretty rare these days !

The title track is a warm and reduced builder with an absolutely devestating guitar breakdown,
people will remember this one for sure when they first hear it out on a big system.
The second „Wanted” is a typical Tigerskin rave anthem,
similar to his Master Hit „Neontrance” this one is pure power on the dancefloor.
The last track is more funky and has a great Electro groove to it,
this one has become a favourite in our sets over the last weeks and also features
a beautiful break with great analogue sounds.

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